About Us

Spark of a new idea, rather than trying to navigate the extremely complex sustainable energy marketplace and all of the relevant technologies, why not seek our assistance.

The spark of a new idea.

We offer a completely unbiased and agnostic consultancy service to industry and commerce so as to assist you in making the right choice about your sustainable future.

It is up to all of us to make sure that we utilise our commercial energy resources more effectively, as we have a duty of care to our shareholders, ourselves and the community. Fuel is a commodity and therefore usually outside of our control in terms of pricing and availability, so we need to explore creative ways of being more efficient.

NRG Sense was established to assist commercial energy users to make savings and increase efficiency in today’s complex renewable energy market. In order to do this we have aligned ourselves with leading industry players for energy provision. NRG Sense provides a broad view of the market as a whole and only uses certified and approved installers. We look forward to discussing your particular requirements either by phone, through our website or at trade shows.

If you have a commercial enquiry or would like some further advice, please call us on

01949 860220