Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It can be used as a clean fuel that when consumed only produces water. 

Our Hydrogen Energy Solutions

Hydrogen is a gas and is one of the most readily available fuels in the Universe and has been in use for many years as a fuel. After all, our own Sun is composed of Hydrogen in a plasma state.

There are many different ways of making Hydrogen. However, the most interesting one in terms of sustainability, is through the electrolysis of water, which is an intense process and requires large amounts of cheap energy.

This fuel can then be used in vehicles such as the Nexo or Hyzon, buses and prime movers.

We believe that it will not be long before it appears in light commercial vehicles and tractors. It is currently under tests with Jaguar Land Rover.

It will also appear as a fuel for generator sets in the future and possibly as a nitrogen fertiliser that can be extracted through Hydrocracking.

We currently work with a number of leading companies in the development of this technology.

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