Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion is the digestion of food or crop waste, which is digested without air to harvest bio methane from the reaction. 

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Anaerobic Digestion Solutions

In the process of modern living we produce high quantities of organic waste, a lot of this waste still ends up in landfill. This is not only a local but a global problem. The process of landfilling organic waste is quite disgraceful in that the waste could be better harvested for energy via Anaerobic Digestion. Whether this organic waste is generated by domestic households, commercial food processors or farming matters now. However, all of this waste has one common denominator and that is energy. This energy, which can be released via the process of oxygen-less digestion allows the harvesting of biomethane. The biomethane can be used in various ways such as; vehicles, injection directly into the gas grid, via a generator set to produce electricity and heat or for use in a commercial boiler.