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The UK energy market is entering a transitional phase.

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Electricity generation as in the past been solely the domain of governments, utilities and multinational corporations. The future however will look increasingly different from the one we inhabit now, with a move to decentralised electricity generation. Electrical energy will be produced by many different organisations in many different ways and from differing technologies, this change has already started, as in line with the Kyoto agreement we are phasing out coal-fired and eventually gas-fired power stations.

The issue is twofold although we will need to reduce carbon, the requirement for electricity is constantly on the increase with the advent of electric vehicles, computers and smart technologies in our households, together with the charging of mobile phones and other devices which have a requirement for electricity in both the commercial and domestic settings is still increasing.

This will lead to commercial concerns once again taking control of their own energy generation in part or as a whole, supplemented by new technological innovations such as compact nuclear, which is under development, plus solar cloth which can be wrapped all sorts of items and structures. The future will be bright but will be different.

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